Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tim Tebow's mechanics impress Jets' quarterbacks coach


Tim Tebow's mechanics have been criticized since he came out of college.  But Jets quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh isn't one of them.

“I think he can be very good,” Cavanaugh told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him over an extended period of time . . . not just watching him play on film. I think he’s certainly got the arm strength. He has good mechanics. They’re getting better every day.”

“I think with Tim, he’s more focused right now in the offseason on just working on the fundamentals of trying to be rhythmic in the pocket,” Cavanaugh said. “So (he) can be using the mechanics that (he) wants to be using.

We started to toy a little bit with some of the other things that will happen to you . . . And he’s shown great progress. I’m real pleased with him.”

Cavanaugh has been impressed with Tebow’s work ethic from the first day.

“He doesn’t let a day go by when he’s not focused on trying to get better at something,” Cavanaugh said.
“When you’re in that role as a backup, you take every rep, every drill, every offseason practice or meeting to get better. . . . The playing time? Nobody knows how much it’s going to be. So I don’t think we worry about that.”

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