Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jay Gruden compares Jermaine Gresham to Rob Gronkowski


Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden says that tight end Jermaine Gresham compares to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, according to Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"Athletically and talent-wise, yes," Gruden said. "He’s comparable."

Gresham had 34 fewer catches and 11 fewer touchdowns. Some of it was system; some was the quarterback. And some was learning curve.

Gresham doesn’t yet see the field the way Gronkowski does, Gruden said. He isn’t as quick to recognize coverages and react to them. Gronkowski devours seams in zones; Gresham is still picking at them with his fork. "An unbelievable feel for the game" is how Gruden describes Gronkowski.

Gresham can be a Gronkowski type, Gruden believes. But it will take time. It’s not as easy as drawing a play and practicing it. Gresham needs to study defenses on film, grasp what’s going on around him, develop the trust with Andy Dalton that Green has. Then. . .

"He’s still very important as a blocker," Gruden said. "Jermaine’s a good blocker. Fantasy football people forget that."

"Jermaine wants to be mentioned with" Gronkowski and Graham. "His goal in his mind is to put up those kinds of numbers. He doesn’t understand blocking is important, too. We need to stay with what we do. Don’t get caught up in statistics. If we win, who cares?"

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