Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Report: Chiefs Very Interested In Geno Smith


There’s nothing like a ball carrier making a good head fake to make a tackler miss, or a wide receiver giving a defensive back a good head and shoulder fake to get open in man-to-man coverage.  It’s also good if you are a franchise that wants to get a king’s ransom in a trade for the first pick in the draft.

Enter the Kansas City Chiefs and Ian Rappoport of the  NFL Network.  About an hour ago he tweeted the following; “Word from Chiefs scout: They’re fascinated by Geno Smith comparing him to a young McNabb.  They love how he throws.  Need to study deeper”.

Now Andy Reid is comparing Smith to McNabb.  The rhetoric is starting to amp up.

Are Reid and the Chiefs serious about drafting Smith or are they trying to smoke out some of those teams who are desperate to draft the guy who is considered the best quarterback in the draft.  Are the Eagles one of those teams?  Answer those questions for me.

Stay on the quarterback watch today because this is USC’s Pro Day, which means Southern Cal quarterback Matt Barkley will be throwing.  The young signal caller was considered the best quarterback in the nation before the 2012 season.  A mediocre season for himself and the team has lowered his ranking.  He separated his shoulder during the season and was still rehabbing during the NFL Combine, so teams will get the chance to see him throw today.

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